Pure Komachi 2 8-Slot Block Only

Model AB0800

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Information Tech Specs

Clearly the right place to store your Pure Komachi 2 knives

We know how it is. You buy one Pure Komachi 2 knife and you like it. So you buy another one. Then another and another. Pretty soon, you're wondering where to put all those colorful, razor-sharp knives when you're not cooking.

We have the answer. The Pure Komachi 2 clear, acrylic block.

The clear block lets you brighten your kitchen and show off your collection. With this block's open design, there's plenty of air circulation, too. That helps guard against bacteria growth for a healthy kitchen. This clear block holds up to eight of your Pure Komachi 2 knives.

Technical Specifications

Display your Pure Komachi 2 collection the easy way

  • 8-slot Acrylic Block
  • Open design lets air circulate, won’t harbor bacteria

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