Shun Universal Saya

Model BG0706

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Protect and store your larger Shun knives safely and securely with our Shun Universal Saya. Beautifully crafted of black-finished beech wood, this handsome saya, or sheath, is perfect for Shun's seven and eight-inch knives. (See full list below.) A locking pin, tied to a traditional red thread, keeps each knife securely within its sheath. Expect a looser fit for breathability and air circulation.

This traditional-style saya fits all its these Shun knives:

Shun Sora

  • VB0706 Shun Sora 8” Chef’s
  • VB0718 Shun Sora 7” Hollow-Ground Santoku

Shun Kanso

  • SWT0706 Shun Kanso 8” Chef’s
  • SWT0718 Shun Kanso 7” Hollow-Ground Santoku

Shun Classic

  • DM0706 Shun Classic 8” Chef’s
  • DM0718 Shun Classic 7” Hollow-Ground Santoku
  • DM0719 Shun Classic 8” Hollow-Ground Chef’s
  • DM0760 Shun Classic 7” Asian Cook’s

Shun Premier

  • TDM0702 Shun Premier 7” Santoku
  • TDM0706 Shun Premier 8” Chef’s
  • TDM0760 Shun Premier 7” Asian Cook’s

Shun Kaji

  • KDM0004 Shun Kaji 7” Hollow-Ground Santoku
  • KDM0006 Shun Kaji 8” Chef’s
  • KDM0054 Shun Kaji 7” Asian Cook’s

Shun Hikari

  • HDM0706 Shun Hikari 8” Chef’s


  • Fits a wide selection of Shun 7-inch and 8-inch knives
  • Beech wood sheath, black finish
  • Locking pin with red retention cord
  • Beautiful, traditional-style protection for your fine Shun knives

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