2014 Kai USA Warehouse Sale Offers Sharp Gifts

During our annual Kai USA Warehouse Sale, we throw open the doors of our warehouse and invite everyone in the Portland, Oregon area to get in on some of the sharpest deals of the year. Get savings of up to 75% on a great selection of Shun, Kershaw, and even a limited selection of Zero Tolerance products. Forget pointless holiday gifts. Shop our Warehouse Sale and give 'em "a gift with a point." Come see us Dec 5-7, 2014 from 9-6 on Fri. and Sat, Sun. from 9-3!

How can we sell our quality products at a discount like that? Well, here's the story behind the Warehouse Sale:

Kai USA and our Shun, Kershaw, and Zero Tolerance brands have very high standards of quality. Every Kai USA product—whether it's made in our Tualatin, Oregon factory, our Japanese factories (for Shun products), or our Chinese factories—is closely inspected to ensure it meets those high standards. Sometimes, products don't quite live up to our highest standards, yet they're perfectly okay in every other way. For example, a scratch on the handle can disqualify a knife from being "first quality," but there's nothing wrong with it functionally. This type of product is considered a "factory second," that is, second quality, rather than first quality. A product like that may go into our annual Warehouse Sale. Other types of products that qualify for our Warehouse Sale are discontinued items and items that we have too many of: "overstocked" items.

Shoppers get a truly awesome deal on some truly great products and we get to clear out our warehouse space. It's a win-win.

There are a couple things you should know about these factory seconds. First, you can recognize them by the "XXXX" lasered onto the blade. Second, these products DO NOT carry our Limited Lifetime Warranty. However, we will still be happy to sharpen your knives for FREE for as long as you own them.

In fact, you can also bring any non-serrated Kershaw, Shun, or ZT knife with you to the sale and we'll sharpen up to two of them while you shop. (If you have more than that, please leave them with us and we'll sharpen them and have them ready for pick up later in the week.) Also, please understand that all sales made during the Kai USA Warehouse Sale are final and there are no refunds or exchanges.

To bring a little extra holiday cheer to people in need, we hope you'll join us in supporting the Oregon Food Bank and Toys for Tots during the Sale. We'll have donation stations set up where we can accept canned and boxed food for the Food Bank and new, unopened, and unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots—as well as cash donations for both.

If you're in Oregon or Washington, come out and join us at the Kai USA Warehouse Sale!

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