Kai Celebrates Over 110 Years of Quality

Few have reached this landmark achievement.

The storied history of Kai has led to innovative products, unmatched customer service, and a globally recognized name. Achievements like this didn’t happen overnight. This year, the Kai Group is celebrating over 110 years of history.

Kai craftsmen have created sharp products since the company’s inception in Japan. The company already mastered its craft by the time it expanded to the United States in the 1970s. Although Kai USA’s history is relatively short in comparison, it’s backed by years of Japanese tradition and experience.

Shun Cutlery is no exception. Started in 2002, the brand was influenced by Japanese sword making. Taking note of this ancient tradition, Shun combined beautiful aesthetics with quality performance and technology. The US market had not seen production knives like this before, making Shun the first to popularize Japanese knives in the US. 

Shun developed innovation in other areas, too. VG-MAX, proprietary to Shun, is the next evolution in the VG blade steel series. This super steel is found in the Classic and Premier series. It includes additional carbon for improved strength and durability. Plus, the added chromium offers more wear and corrosion resistance. These benefits maximize your cutting experience. 

Sora also uses proprietary technology from Kai USA. Composite Blade Technology, which permanently joins the best of two steels into one blade, looks beautiful, but is also very functional. The two pieces of steel fit together like a puzzle. And when you cut, the premium steel is near the bottom of the blade — right where it should be. 

Finally, Shun’s Dual Core series also puts two steels together, but in a very different way. It uses two premium-quality, high-carbon stainless steels to form a layered Damascus blade. Specifically, the 71 alternating layers of VG-10 and VG-2 steel greatly improve the knife. Each steel will wear down at different rates, meaning that your edge will last even longer. 

All Shun cutlery is handcrafted in Japan. This means that every single knife is unique — from the Damascus layering, to the natural wood grain in the Pakkawood® handles. Because of Shun’s standout quality, the industry has recognized the brand with 13 BLADE Show awards over the past 16 years.

In addition to the quality of the product, customers benefit from free sharpening and a Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you need a touch up on your knife, you can send it in for expert service from Kai’s seasoned warranty team.

The emergence of Shun marks a recent chapter in Kai’s 110-year history of success. But the book is unfinished. The company always has a vision for the future, and time will tell what new innovations are to come.

For today, please join us as we celebrate Kai’s anniversary.

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