MeatEater Shares Tasty Roasted Duck Recipe

Use Shun Premier to help prepare this delicious meal.

Roasted duck is a favorite around the holidays. And although the New Year has come and gone, you can still create this wonderful winter meal. The skilled meat experts at MeatEater, a popular outdoor television series, recently shared this recipe. 

By carefully following the instructions, home cooks can serve four people in about two hours. A mulled wine glaze and poached pears add additional mouth-watering flavor. View a full list of directions on the MeatEater website

You'll probably notice that the chefs put some work in with the Shun Premier Steak Knife. Premier knives are excellent choices for clean cuts without the use of sawing. For example, in step two, the sharp, Japanese blade was used to make shallow crosshatch pattern cuts in the meat's surface. This allowed them to insert a clove into every crosshatch mark.

Did you use a Shun knife this holiday? What kind of meals did you prepare? Let us know in the comments below. 

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