Shun Warranty: Service Unlike the Rest

To ensure lifelong care for your Shun, the warranty team offers expert knife service.

Like most days, Kai USA’s warranty department is buzzing with activity. The focused team carefully hand-sharpens various Shun knives sent in for service. Sounds of grinding wheels echo throughout the room. Soon, these edges will cut as good as new. After a thorough and efficient service, they’re sent back to owners — ready for food prep.

The team says the work never stops, but it’s all worth it to set Shun apart.

Warranty Supervisor Dan Cohen oversees the day-to-day operations of the team. Sometimes, that requires fixing an issue with a knife. But most customers just need a routine touch-up on their edge. Cohen says that if you’re not a knife sharpening expert, this is a very convenient service.

“We try to do a two-week turnaround time. Overall, it’s a good experience for the customer. I’d say that over 90% of our customers are happy when they get their knife back.”

That 90% number is significant because of the sheer number of customers who fill out a claim. In 2018, Shun warranty served over 21,000 customers. That’s about three-fourths the population of Tualatin, Oregon, where Kai USA is based.

Not only is there broad praise for Shun’s warranty, it’s also a more reliable method than going through a third-party sharpener. We can only guarantee satisfaction if you use the service that knows Shun better than anyone – us.

When you do send in your Shun, you can count on the expert warranty team members to do the job right. The group has many years of experience between them.

Most repair work deals with the edge itself. But how will you know when there’s a problem?

The above illustration shows what a sharp, healthy edge should look like, as well as some of the ways it can be distorted. Now, it can be difficult to see these flaws with the naked eye, but there are some things to keep a look-out for.

A general rule of thumb: if you see a flaw on the blade, there’s likely performance issues on the edge itself. That’s because the cutting edge is the most vulnerable part of your Shun. Its thinness and surface make it prone to attack corrosion. Any visible damage or discoloration should give cause for concern.

1. Discoloration on the primary bevel is a sign of corrosion.
2. If there’s discoloration on the blade, you will also likely see it on the edge itself.
3. Uneven edge quality is another indicator to send the Shun in for warranty service.

Remember, if there is a manufacturing defect on any part of the knife, warranty will likely replace it.

Having said that, most chipping occurs because of improper use of your knife. To avoid this, there are a few key points to keep in mind. Do not attempt to cut through cheese blocks, frozen food, ice, bones, and other rock-solid items. Remember that most Shun knives have a 16° cutting edge. This means that Shun is much sharper than most, but you should take extra care to protect it.

It’s a bit like buying a luxury car. While you expect top performance out of the vehicle, you wouldn’t drive it off-road or in rough terrain. Furthermore, we recommend reviewing the Product Care page to learn how to best take care of your high-dollar knife investment.

Compared to other knife companies, Shun rises above the industry standard. To take advantage of the sharpening service, you just need to provide return shipping cost.

“For what we provide, and from what I’ve seen, Shun warranty is the best,” Cohen said. “Everyone else, for the most part, charges quite a bit of money to sharpen and repair.”

And so, the grinding wheels keep on turning. Warranty work never really stops. Making sure customers are satisfied is the team’s number one priority.

On a final note, you can register your knife to expedite the warranty process. Otherwise, please visit the warranty page to fill out a claim, should you ever need it.

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