Steven Raichlen Perfects Brisket with Classic Boning and Brisket Knives

Learn how to smoke an East-West Packer Brisket

Steven Raichlen is back with Shun in-hand. And this time, he's combining east and western flavors to create a mouth-watering packer brisket. 

In the video below, the BBQ teacher will show you how to make a rub, smoke the brisket, and slice the finished product. 

Shun knives are used in two different steps. Before smoking the meat, Raichlen reaches for a Classic 6-inch Boning Knife to expertly trim the meat. Later, the Classic 12-inch Hollow-Ground Brisket Knife cuts through the brisket's two major muscles to create sharable slices. 

Classic 6-in. Boning Knife

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