Premier set shown off during The Blacklist

Many Shun knives shared the spotlight during the hit NBC crime series.

In the season finale of The Blacklist, a set of Premier cutlery assisted Raymond "Red" Reddington on his search for "Mr. Kaplan." During the episode, several Shun knives are shown sitting on a table while a few cars salesmen have a meeting. One of the men states that whoever sells the most cars at the end of the month gets to keep the set of Premier. Not bad incentive if you ask us. Unfortunately for them, Red interrupts the meeting and wants to know where he can find a driver who they recently sold a car to. The situation escalates as Red picks up a Premier 8-in Chef's Knife. He uses it to provide his own incentive, allowing a car salesman to keep his fingers and toes in exchange for the information. Watch the scene in the full episode.

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