Shun 15th Anniversary Videos Earn Awards

The judges at W³ recognized GreatWorks for their effort on these landmark Shun presentations.

It's been a historic year for Shun Cutlery. To celebrate our 15th anniversary, the talented creators at GreatWorks filmed two videos that highlight the great qualities that define Shun. We congratulate these talented artists on completing the projects and are very proud of the work that was put in. W³ Awards agreed, recognizing both short movies in the Gold category for 2017. The W³ Awards are sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, garnering high respect in media. For over a decade, W³ has showcased the best websites and videos on the internet. Please, take a moment and enjoy both videos in the links below. 

SHUN: Blades for Humanity 

SHUN: Edges Ahead

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