In this post, we'll look at the bread knife. From the most multi-purpose to the most specialized, Shun offers you exactly the right knife for every job. At first glance, all those blade shapes and choices might seem confusing. So over the next posts, we'll discuss a number of the key blade shapes, how they're intended to be used, and how using the right knife for the right job can help make cooking easier and better than ever.

THE BASICS    The Bread Knife

You've just succeeded in baking a beautiful loaf of bread. Tender inside, crusty outside, just waiting to be dipped in fragrant olive oil and a little good balsamic vinegar. Now all you need to do is slice it and serve. To preserve your baker's work of art, make sure you choose the right knife. Even a very sharp straight-edged knife could result in a crushed loaf—and less than the perfect slices you'd prefer to serve. The answer is a bread knife. It lets you glide through the bread without squashing it, and with less crumbing overall.

The key is its serrations. But please don't settle for just any serrations. Some bread knives are little more than crude saws. Shun serrations are gentle; we call them "low-frequency" serrations because they're wider than those found on most bread knives. They glide through with less sawing and more ease. Another general feature of serrated bread knives is that they are often ground on only one side, that is, single-beveled. This is true in Shun's case as well, and it means Shun bread knives have an extremely sharp cutting edge, while the low-frequency serrations help the blades glide through bread quickly and cleanly.

In addition to slicing breads, bagels, and rolls, your bread knife can also make quick work of larger tomatoes since the serrations will gently cut through a tougher skin without harming the delicate interior. It can be used to cut away the rind of softer melons, such as honeydew. And it's perfect for slicing other baked goods, such as cakes.

THE OPTIONS      Bread Knife • Offset Bread Knife • Ultimate Utility Knife

Each Shun line includes a bread knife, except for the new Shun Blue line (more to come!). In addition, the Shun Classic line features our Offset Bread Knife. The offset handle position creates additional knuckle clearance and perfectly positions your hand for a more powerful—and thus, easier—cut. For added versatility, you may also like our Ultimate Utility Knife, available in a selection of Shun lines. This knife features our low-frequency serrations for easy slicing, but also has a shorter blade and rounded tip, perfect for spreading mayo on a sandwich or other utility tasks.

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