Shun to Handcraft 5 Millionth Knife…Soon

Today, nearly 5 million razor-sharp Shun knives are on the job in millions of kitchens throughout the world. Nearly 5 million Shuns are inspiring home cooks to new creative heights and helping people make healthy and delicious food for the whole family. Nearly 5 millions Shuns are helping professional chefs do their Best. Work. Ever.

Sometime within the next few months, the 5 millionth Shun will come off our production line.

Like all the Shuns before it, it will have been handcrafted in a process that takes at least 100 individual steps (some Shuns take even more). It will be hand-finished to perfection, then hand-sharpened on an authentic Japanese hiramae, a type of large, horizontal sharpening wheel. And like all Shuns before it, it will come from Japan, a nation legendary for the quality of its blades, and from Kai Corporation, a company with a more-than-100-year history of making the very finest in kitchen cutlery.

We think our 5 millionth Shun is worth celebrating, and we hope you will join us. Keep an eye on Shun’s social media to discover ways you can to show off your Shuns, take part in the celebration, and maybe even win a brand new and beautiful Shun to add to your collection.

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