What is VG-MAX Steel?

If you've recently purchased some Shun cutlery, you may have noticed that the blade steel is called out on the blade as "VG-MAX" instead of VG10. And that's a very good thing—

VG-MAX is the latest in the VG line of "super steels," steels that have gained recognition throughout the kitchen knife industry as some of the finest cutlery steels available.

VG-MAX builds on the highly successful VG10 formula by increasing ingredients that take this advanced steel to the "MAX." In fact, VG-MAX advanced steel is proprietary to Shun; only Shun can offer it to you.

VG-MAX includes additional carbon to improve strength and durability. More cobalt enhances strength. It has more chromium for wear and corrosion resistance. Increased tungsten enables the steel to be very fine-grained—so the edge can be extremely fine and sharp. Molybdenum improves corrosion resistance and strength. Vanadium improves impact resistance and enables the steel to form vanadium carbides, which enhance cutting performance. The knives now being handcrafted in our Seki City, Japan facilities are already using this proprietary VG-MAX steel. We know you'll appreciate the top performance of this exciting steel.

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