Williams-Sonoma Reopens Original Store, Recognizes Shun as Top Vendor

We are very pleased to announce that Williams-Sonoma recognized Shun Cutlery/Kai USA as one of their top vendors at a recent company event.

The very special event was the celebration of Williams-Sonoma founder Chuck Williams’ 99th birthday and the Grand Reopening of the first Williams-Sonoma store. The original cookware store was opened in 1956 in the northern California wine-country town of Sonoma. The newly reopened store will be a landmark W-S store and a cooking school.

As part of the event, Shun toured the reopened store, including the cutlery display. Although Shun is a younger brand than the other iconic brands displayed in the reopened store, W-S included us because of the strength of Shun’s support of Williams-Sonoma’s growth over the years. We are proud and pleased to be the centerpiece of the reopened store’s cutlery department.

Shun is extremely grateful to founder Chuck Williams and the Williams-Sonoma team for their continued support of our brands. We look forward to many more years of bringing the finest in Japanese cutlery to their loyal customers and fans.

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