Yikes! Shun Spotted on Hannibal

An eagle-eyed Shun fan recently spotted the Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife on Hannibal.

You probably think that TV and movie producers always ask companies when they're going to use that company's products in their shows. Or that the company always pays for "product placement." Nope. Not always.

For instance, we just found out that Shun is one of knives that Hannibal Lector uses in the NBC TV show, Hannibal (recently cancelled). To be precise, it was the Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife

If you haven't seen the show, Hannibal is quite the gourmet cannibal and the shows sometimes include elaborate dishes, even if they don't usually include ffffffava beans. The food stylist for the show, Janice Poon, has an amazing blog called Feeding Hannibal, where she gives away the show's food secrets. According to Janice, "Hannibal uses all brands of knives [. . .] Hannibal doesn't do product placement. You will not see him knocking back a Coke or using a knife with the brand emblazoned on the side." 

Well, they must have thought they shot this scene dark enough to not show the logo. But our sharp-eyed fans can spot that logo from miles away. The first shot you see here is the original dark screen shot. In the second one, we lightened the image so you can clearly see what Hannibal is using to slice his...um...dinner.

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