Classic Pro Asian Chef's Set

Model VGS0300

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The perfect set for creating Asian cuisine

The Shun Classic Pro Asian Chef's set is for the Asian cuisine aficionado. It includes the three Japanese knives essential for creating true Asian cuisine: the Shun Classic Pro 9.5-in. Yanagiba, the 6.5-in. Usuba, and the 6.5-in. Deba.

These traditional Japanese blade shapes feature the scalpel-like precision of a single-bevel blade and gently hollow ground backs. This forms a tiny air pocket between the knife and the food being cut, so the knife glides through with quick precision. For a secure and comfortable grip, Shun Classic Pro's chisel edge is paired with our D-shaped PakkaWood handles. The beautiful graffiti-etched blade is made of pure VG10 steel, a high-carbon steel with added vanadium, enabling it to take and hold an edge longer than other premium steels.

The blade design is acid etched into the steel so that it becomes an integral part of the blade. The etching on each style is slightly different and cleverly incorporates the Shun logo into the design so that it becomes part of the overall pattern. (This type of blade etching is traditionally found on custom Japanese knives and is used to identify the knife's maker.)

Technical Specifications

This elegant set provides the traditional Japanese knives you need to create true Asian cuisine

Set includes:

  • 6.5-in. Deba
  • 6.5-in. Usuba
  • 10.5-in. Yanagiba
  • Gift boxed set

Please see standard-grip individual components for detailed information

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