Saveur Picks Shima as One of the Best

Saveur's current issue (No. 158) focuses on the heartland of the USA...and where there's heartland, there's steak.

So Saveur's savvy editors picked six of their favorite steak knives...including the beautiful Shun Shima. Shima Steak Knives feature Shun's razor-sharp 16° edge. This incredible sharpness means fewer meat fibers are cut in each slice so more of the juices—and more of the flavor—stay in the steak. The fully riveted handle scales are made of ebony PakkaWood® and enhanced with steel rondels. The slim, flat handle shape provides lateral control and prevents the knife from twisting in your grip when you use it.

Saveur was impressed. We think you will be, too. Learn more about Shun Shima Steak Knives here.

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