Wired Reviews the Shun Sora Ultimate Utility Knife

...and they like it!

According to the editors: "For its newest does-it-all kitchen aid, the Sora, Shun Cutlery melds several blades into one. Lasers carve a thin cutting edge from extremely hard steel, then insert it between two softer pieces of stainless steel. The sections are braze-welded together to create a single 6-inch composite blade with enough weight to handle heavy chopping, a serrated edge to sliver steak, and a rounded tip for smearing on the mustard. History lesson: The wavy pattern is a deliberate nod to old-school Japanese swords that, like the Sora, are both supremely sharp and gorgeous to behold."

Even better, with Sora's recently reducing pricing, this beauty is just $88! If you've haven't yet tried a Sora, you'll be amazed at the performance of these value-priced Shuns.

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