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If you believe your product may have a problem in its original material or craftsmanship, please send it in for evaluation.

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Packaging Information

Some of the packages that show up in our Warranty Department for service are frightening. There are packages with blade tips that have pierced the cardboard box and are lying in wait for the next person who picks them up. There are boxes with great jumbles of knives just rattling around in them, cutting into each other. With just a little care, this doesn't have to happen to your package. Remember that even a dull knife can be dangerous and follow these easy tips for safe packing:

Do not place loose knives in shipping box.

Loose knives in the box can be extremely dangerous

Carefully wrap and package knives in box.

Propper packaging can prevent accidents.


Knives are extremely sharp tools and should only be used or handled with the utmost care and caution. Any use other than cutting is considered misuse and abuse and will void your warranty.

Knife Packaging Tips

Tip #1

Please wrap kitchen knives in several layers of newspaper or bubble wrap, making sure to fully cover the tip. If you are returning more than one knife, wrap each knife individually, and then wrap them all together so that they won't roll around in the box, possibly causing damage to the blades or handles.

Tip #2

If you wish to keep your original Shun box, please do not send it in with your sharpening or warranty shipment. All boxes sent in to us will be recycled.

Tip #3

Place your wrapped knives in a shipping box and fill the box with packing material—such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or newspaper. Place a layer of packing material in the bottom of your shipping box. Then place the knives on top of the filler and, finally, add another layer of filler on top of the knives.

Tip #4

Include a copy of your completed Warrany & Sharpening Request Form (and keep a copy for yourself). Then close and tape your box according to shipper recommendations.


Please ship to:

KAI USA LTD., Shun Cutlery

Warranty Department

18600 SW Teton Avenue, Tualatin, Oregon 97062